Congratulations to Stephanie Horner on her new career path and we thank her for her years of service. Stephanie has been with MjjM Salons for 14 years and has always been a part of the family. Not only has she been a dedicated and loyal stylist, but she also has left a lasting impression on MjjM.

        The sense of family was all it took for Stephanie to feel at home with MjjM salons. Although the company has grown immensely over the past 14 years, Stephanie said the owners, Mark and Patty, never fail to stay connected with the staff. Stephanie said each employee always felt like they mattered. MjjM was always the driving force that encouraged and celebrated improvement from their employees through celebrations and awards. These were some of Stephanie’s fondest memories. They will be held close to Stephanie’s heart to remind her of the family she will always have at MjjM.

        Stephanie remembered starting as a shy 19-year-old girl and transforming into the confident, strong woman she is today with the help of MjjM. She developed into a professional and mature adult with the skills she has learned. Involvement in local charities, competitive wages to encourage growth, constant training to improve employee performance, and staying on top of new trends are just a few of the things Stephanie loved about her MjjM career.

        Stephanie would like to thank MjjM and her salon family for all of their love, support, and positivity in her career change. She would like to thank everyone for helping her get to where she is today. Stephanie will truly miss standing behind the chair, and we will miss her as well! Good luck on your new path, Stephanie!