Better watch out, winter storm Hercules is coming in fast! What is your favorite way to spend a snow day? Tag us @mjjmsalons on Instagram and Facebook to share! Whether you like to hibernate indoors or frolic out in the snow, here are 5 fun activities to fill your snow day!

1. Have a snow photo shoot: What’s more beautiful than a winter wonderland? Not much! Capture your friends and family out playing; use a flash when shooting to fix the movement of the snowflakes.

2. Master a new braid technique: Your ‘model’ (daughter, friend, doll…) will thank you for their fun new ‘do! Need some inspiration?

3. Go on a Netflix-binge: Pick a new tv series (hint, Freaks and Geeks) and get comfy – sweatpants, faux-fur blanket, and big mug of hot chocolate required.

4. Make decorative ice gems for your yard: All you need are balloons, food coloring, and water. Drop 3-4 drops of food coloring into a dry balloon. Slowly fill the balloon with cold water from your tap and tie it. Place the balloon outside in the snow on a flat surface, so the ice gems to have a flat bottom. Leave outside for a day or so until frozen. Once frozen, cut off the plastic balloon around it. Set the ice gems where you’d like outside – along your walkway, porch railing, or anywhere else! It’s an inexpensive and pretty winter decoration.

5. Attempt some crazy nail art: We love this ‘let it snow’ mani tutorial!