Refinery 29 recently published an article containing a slideshow that lists the hottest haircuts in the world right now. Here’s some of the best looks on their list:

  1. A classic bob with light layering
  2. The log curly bob
  3. Long bob with choppy ends
  4. Long length with graduated layers
  5. Long layers with face framing
  6. Long bob with bangs
  7. Long bob with bangs (longer bangs on the sides)
  8. Long length with 180 bangs
  9. Rounded with face framing on shorter layers
  10. Short pixie cut
  11. “The Gisele” long waves but slightly shorter in the front with light layering — a.k.a. built for waves and curls
  12. Long on top, short on the sides
  13. Blunt bangs
  14. Razor sharp ends
  15. The mid-cut length (longer than a bob but only a few inches past your collarbone)
  16. The nontraditional bob (an artsy bob with strategic layering — not for body or fullness, but for a cool finish)
  17. Geometric bob (no layering)


Check out this link  to see the rest of Refinery 29’s best looks around the world!